Introducing Dramatic Eye

In hindsight, it’s quite hard to imagine the state of the K-drama blogosphere in 2002, when I started writing about this strange, at the time rather arcane world. Sure, the industry had been making inroads into Southeast Asia for a good couple of years with the puppy love dramas of Yoon Seok-Ho and Choi Ji-Woo’s star vehicles. But short of pockets of the Asian-American community on Soompi and the occasional curious westerner, a precious few were aware of the fact that South Korea had a vibrant TV industry; that its people were completely obsessed with the medium, enough to watch dramas in droves (with ratings more often than not crossing the 50% mark); and that its maturation wasn’t one of the new perks of the democratization movement in the early 1990s, but had actually started decades before.

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[INTERVIEW] Jang Gyeong-Ah Talks 세계의 끝 (The End of the World)


Was it Sam Peckinpah who said that interviews are kind of useless, because all journalists are plagiarists in their own personal way?

Well, I guess he had a point.

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[K-drama Newsdesk] August 2013

[Weee~! More daily crap. What this is… wait, do I have to explain it? You only see the updated average and peak ratings over at the K-drama Hub, but you might be curious what a particular drama is doing on a given day, and since I already collect that data anyway, might as well post it here. Plus, some quick news (casting, timeslots) that will expand on the Hub’s updates as well. Some will be sourced from normal news like back in the old Twitch days. Other will come from my evil sources within the industry, in which case you’ll get an [internal]. Most of the time they’ll be a mix of both. So… shall we start?]
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[HALFTIME REPORT] 궁중잔혹사 – 꽃들의 전쟁 (War of the Flowers)


Say it, go ahead.

Scream it with all your might until everyone around you will hear it.

Girl power.

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[VISUAL COMMENTARY] 칼과 꽃 (The Blade and Petal) – Part 1: Goguryeo Blues


Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

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